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INSURANCE (moving insurance & certificate of insurance)

You should be able to find your answer here, and if not, contact us.


Please pack any personal items such as money, credit cards, jewelry, computers, passport/ID documents, ipads, phones, etc in a safe place and keep them close to your person throughout the move so there will be no confusion G*d forbid something goes missing. We do our best to transport your items safely and without being lost but these type of irreplaceable items should be handled by you as much as possible.

Also please pack heavier items in small boxes or at the bottom of bigger items if necessary. Please note that if boxes are improperly packed so that they are likely to fall apart or are unable to be stacked may need to be re-packed by our movers. This will delay your move and could add cost to your move because of the time it would take. The movers have the right to inform you if something is improperly packed. This has to do with their safety and the successful move of your items with breakage and damage minimized as much as possible.

We are not responsible for the contents you have packed or boxed or if you decide to forego our suggested packing methods and services. For example if you decide to package your TV and/or art pieces yourself then you will be responsible for their condition at the end of the move. We can not be held responsible for items you pack yourself.

Please note that we can provide some packing materials upon request. Do please let us know if you need those and we can let you know those costs beforehand so there are no surprises on the day of your move.

Also, it is helpful to number your boxes so we are sure we have all of your boxes in the truck and into your new apartment.

Let us know if you have any questions.


If you have hired two guys we will need your assistance in watching the van/truck in the very likely event there is no legal parking available. This usually wards off the ticketing agents…HOWEVER if you do wish to watch the van to speed up your move or get the cheaper 2-man rate, then we would hold you responsible for any parking tickets incurred while doing your move. If we have a 3rd man of our own watching the van, we are responsible for parking tickets. (I have just recently changed this policy when I paid almost $2000 in parking tickets over the course of a month – We are seeing more and more ticketing agents paroling the streets to bring in revenue for the city.)
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We accept cash or check for the move at the completion of the move. Any checks that are returned will be subject to a $50 additional fee. All major credit cards and paypal can be used for a 3% additional convenience fee. Our paypal address if you choose that route is robmovesnyc@gmail.com


Please note that we are only required as movers to cover 60 Cents per pound per article damaged if there should be damages. For example, a 50 pound television would only be awarded: 50 x 0.60 = $30 if it were damaged.

That being said, Rob the Mover’s policy is to cover minor damages such as scratches, dents, etc, if they occur by us, up to $200 in repairs per move. Anything over $200 would be covered by you if you have not purchased insurance through a third party carrier.

We strongly encourage if you have items worth more than $200 that you look into a third party insurance. Also check with your home owner’s policy if they cover a household goods during a move.


Rob the Mover, Inc covers $10,000 in cargo insurance. Cargo insurance covers items that could be lost or stolen WHILE IN TRANSPORT from the time the truck LEAVES the pickup location to the time it ARRIVES at the destination. Cargo insurance DOES NOT cover the items themselves while being carried to the truck or from the truck.


Certificates of Insurance are required for some buildings (usually doorman elevator buildings but some walkups especially if they are co-ops…each building is different so please check with your buildings to be sure). Please let us know if your building requires one.

Also note there is a $60 processing fee:

Information we may need to process your COI if you have not sent it to us yet:

NOTE: You can usually get this information from your building management. Most of the time they will provide you with the information, but if they do not, please provide us with the contact information for the buildings that require insurance. If they do provide it to you, we will need that information ASAP, because we will not be able to process the COI without it.

You can have them email us the information as an attachment or in an email to:


or you can have them fax it to: 888-812-1322

Here is the EXACT INFORMATION I need:

I) Leaseholder and/or owner’s full name (whatever the building knows as far as “who is moving in or out”)

II) Note what insurance they need us to show: general liability, workman’s compensation, general liability, and or auto, etc.

III) Certificate Holder:
Entity’s name and address (could be you, could be the name of the building, etc)

IV) Additional Insured (may be more than one and may be you again or the building again, name of management company, etc)
Entity’s name and address

V) Fax number and/or email address to send it to and phone number and/or email address to confirm that the COI was received.

PLEASE NOTE: If your move is within the next 48 hours help us by getting as much information as you can from your building and following up with a phone call to our office to make sure this is moving along. Any delay in getting this information within 48 hours of your move could delay your move.